Castle Defense 2




Prepare your towers and defend against enemy attacks


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Castle Defense 2 is a tower defense game where you have to defend your base against enemy attacks, using a collection of towers. You can also send your hero to battle and even help out directly by casting spells.

To keep the hoards of orcs and other unwelcome enemies away, you need to have a wide variety of towers. The most common towers are the ones that shoot arrows and cannonballs, which are essential when dealing with the majority of enemies. However, you also need magical towers and towers with foot soldiers. You also have the option to invest money in your towers to make them stronger and shoot farther.

One of the most important elements in Castle Defense 2 is your hero's presence. You can place the hero anywhere on the map you want and he'll take care of fighting against all of the enemies that pass by. The problem is, although he's strong, your hero can't hold off more than a couple enemies at a time.

Castle Defense 2 is an excellent tower defense game that has dozens of different levels, more than 20 towers, and a variety of spells. Also, the game has excellent graphics with a charming cartoon feel.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher